The father of Sociology

Emile Durkheim (1858-1917)

Emile DurkheimEmile Durkheim is considered by many to be the father of sociology. He is credited with making sociology a science, and having made it part of the French academic curriculum as "Science Sociale". During his lifetime, Emile Durkheim gave many lectures, and published an impressive number of sociological studies on subjects such as religion, suicide, and all aspects of society.

Our website covers the life of this great thinker, and also includes a complete online version of his "De la division du travail social" (The Division of Labor in Society), in its original French language form, in which he introduced the concept of "anomie". The Division of Labor in Society is one of the four most important of Durkheim's works which also include, "Les Règles de la méthode sociologique" (The Rules of Sociological Method), Le Suicide: étude de sociologie" (Suicide : A Study in Sociology), and "Les Formes élémentaires de la vie religieuse" (The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life).

We hope our website will be helpful in providing you with some insight as to who this great thinker really was, and how his scientific approach would forever change the way we would study human society.

In addition, we have included a complete Emile Durkheim Bibliography, a list of online resources, and a selection of quotes from his works. We plan on adding more study materials in the near future, as they become available.